Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gPhoto2 Image Capture on the Mac.

This is a good place to start
gPhoto Primer.


  • Install X11 and the Developer Tools from the OS Install Disc
  • Download the Most Recent MacPorts for your Platform (It used to be called DarwinPorts) and install.
  • Install gPhoto
  • sudo port install gphoto2
  • Install proctools
  • sudo port install proctools
  • I didn't bother with trying to upgrade gPhoto to the most recent version.


  • Make sure nothing else has access to the camera, and kill any other possible gphoto instances.
  • pkill PTP
  • pkill gphoto2

Setup Camera:

  • gphoto2 --set-config capture=On
  • gphoto2 --set-config whitebalance=4
  • gphoto2 --set-config zoom=5
  • gphoto2 --set-config assistlight=Off
  • gphoto2 --set-config iso=0
  • gphoto2 --set-config canonflashmode=off
  • gphoto2 --set-config focusingpoint=0

For Testing Purposes

  • gphoto2 --set-config canonimgquality=0
  • gphoto2 --set-config canonimgsize=3

For Production

  • gphoto2 --set-config shootingmode=3
  • gphoto2 --set-config aperture=18
  • gphoto2 --set-config shutterspeed=25
  • gphoto2 --set-config iso=0
  • gphoto2 --set-config canonimgquality=1
  • gphoto2 --set-config canonimgsize=1

Toggle Focus

  • gphoto2 --set-config focuslock=on
  • gphoto2 --set-config focuslock=off

Take Infinite Photos Every 2 Minutes

  • gphoto2 --capture-image --interval=180 --frames=0