Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vignette Illusion?

Maybe that frame vignette not being as prominent on further shots is just an illusion. So I set the camera at one setting and moved it around. One close and one far. Setting the exposure manually to its highest setting seemed to help the vignette a bit in just eyeballing it, but here is some real results.

Here is the frame closer up. Note obvious vignette.

Here is the same frame further away. the vignette doesn't seem as noticeable. I didn't change any of the settings on the webcam but you can tell that there was some brightness changes.

Thanks to the magic of image manipulation software I'm able to compare the two images side by side for comparison. Just so one doesn't appear "more correct" I rotated them sideways.

Can you tell which image is which? The one on the left is "further away shot" you can tell because the facial coloring is slightly brighter and looks a little better.

Stare at the corners real hard and you can tell that the right side does have a slightly more cropped corner. At that level does losing a little bit of corner make up for the loss of resolution? Is the slightly more cropped corner because the image is darker and a little out of focus?

It is probably in my best interest to attempt to find a halfway point that isn't too far out, but close enough to get a perfectly locked focus. It does appear like the further from the screen you are the more accurate the ability to focus and more accurate color representation.

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