Saturday, March 7, 2015

Adjusting Your Auto-Leveling Probe

Part of a series on installing the hotend.

Introduction to Auto-Leveling

If you haven't watched Brook's video on setting up your Auto-lever, you should got and do that now.

Like the original setup you want your sensor about 3mm off your print bed when your hotend tip is touching the bed. You should go head and find something about 3mm tall, and remount your sensor then follow the video and get things setup properly.
  • M212 for writing a setting
  • M500 for saving your settings
  • M501 for viewing your settings

Don't Make My Mistakes

I thought I didn't need to readjust my sensor. It wasn't hitting the bed. It ended up that my sensor was only about 1mm off the bed and that wasn't good. Occasionally we all get threads and blobs from our prints that are too tall and a too low sensor will hit it and cause problems.

Always double check your Z index before attempting to print. M501 will display the current settings. Make sure you are awake, alert, and aware or you'll mistake Z -0.30 as Z -3.00 and you'll get a couple nice scars in your print bed. I'd include a photo of my print bed here, but it is too embarrassing.

Test, Test, Test

While you are printing your test cube don't be afraid to keep trying. Once you think you've got the settings perfect print 2 more times at the same setting to make sure it wasn't just luck.

Auto Leveled-Up

You should be an expert at setting that Z index. Now move on to adjusting your slicer.

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