Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adaptive Delivery - The other responsive - Notes

My Notes From: Adaptive Delivery - The other responsive
* The Other Responsive
Responsive -> **Client** adapts the site
    CSS(Media Queries) / Javascript / Single Code Base
    More CSS Code that everybody downloads - More Processing time.
    Less Testing / Less Debugging

Adaptive Delivery -> **Server** adapts the site
    Networking to multiple code bases
    Single code base for different content

Device Definition Library
    WURFL (Community Version) -> Plugin to Apache
    Giant XML file with API

Gannett's Solution
    Dual application with shared library of code
    Network level adaptive delivery handled by Akamai (Same URL)

7" Tablets get Mobile Layout
10" Tablets get Desktop Layout

Lower end mobile devices don't support scroll support, but do have touch.
They use a "..." for clicking instead of scrolling.

And... he's done early.

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