Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inside the Tech Challenges of Wikimedia - Notes

My Notes From: Inside the Tech Challenges of Wikimedia
Musics & Silly Video

Inside the Challenges of Wikipedia
PHP Terrorist
Middle Management
Does a good job of upselling talks the rest of the day.

** Frames
Using "Tax Relief" already frames the debate so you win.

*** Core Values
Vision Statement

** Features Engineering
 Visual Editor Team UI/UX
 Affordance (Discovering without thinking)

 Parsoid Team (Parsing)
 JQuery and still JQuery because V8 is fast enough

 Growth Team
 Viral Coefficient
 A/B Testing

 Core Team
 Gameification Habit Loop
 Cognitive Excess (Farmville vs. Wikipedia)
 Echo & Flow (Notification & Messaging)

 Fundraising and Engineering
 Data-Driven Framing
 "X Tagged You In a Photo" - People want photos.
 Data-Informed Framing

 Service Oriented Architecture Framing

 Challenge: Mobile
 He really likes Josh
 Desktop vs Mobile PageViews
 "Dimensionless Numbers" -> Use Comparisons to Other Numbers
 Current mobile strategy was trumped up when compared to global mobile usage.

 Challenge: Resistance to Change
 Arrows Impossibility Theorem
  - unrestrictred domain, non-dicatorship, pareto efficitency, independance of irrelevant alterntaives.
  - Initial distribution of goods is inherently inefficient.

** Parting Shot
Imagine Internet as City
 Public spaces on the Internet (Park, Museum, Church)

* There are only 60,000 users and they are all dicks to each other.

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