Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Get There - Notes

My Notes From: How to Get There

Walk Long Enough

* Knowledge
    Know Thyself
    Understand Your Brain
    Say "I Don't Know"
    Except That You Could Be Wrong
    Learn How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
    Rethink Brilliance
    Never Stop Learning
    Get Off the Computer

* Experience
    Be Honest
    Fail Quickly
    Learn to Fail Gracefully
    __Add Exception Handling to Your Life__
    Vary Your Strategies
    Watch Your Assumptions
    When You Can, Start Helping Others
    Being a Decent Person Matters

* Money
    Rethink How You Think About Clients
    Communicate Well
    Value Time
    Give It Away
    Do More Than You Say You'll Do

Be Honest
Work Hard
Never Stop Learning

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