Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Be A Great Developer - Notes

My Notes From: How To Be A Great Developer
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*Practice Empathy

Understand how/why a person feels.
Most important skill.
Don't assume you know how a decision was made.
Keep in mind users and rest of the team.
    Asking questions in a non judgemental way.
    "Can you explain to me why you did things this was?"
    Developers interact with computers on the edgecase.

*Practice Humility

You are wrong about a great many things.
The less you fear being wrong, the more confident you can be.
    Nobody has maxed out thier technical level of expertese.
    Gender/Cultural politics.
Understand what you do well, and what you don't

*Always be Learning

Liberally learn new tech, conservatively use them.
Any tech could be the right choice for the right situation.

*Avoid Tribalism

Make it a safe place.
Choices in tech only search what you make.
Nothing should be absolute (pro or con)
    100% Advertising
X vs Y arguments isn't worth the time.
Loyalty to people, not brands/companies/tech

*Better Your Community

Make other's lives better.
Make the community around you better.

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